If you’re not too familiar about the different kinds of tree services, then chances are you don’t know what stump grinding is. This service usually follows tree removal but it is rarely included in the package. It’s a separate service because it takes the same amount of time yet a different set of tools to get the job done.  

Grinding Service

Did you notice that when you get a tree removed, a stump is left in its place? A stump is that part of the tree that’s protruding out of the soil after it is cut. It still connects to the large network of roots underneath.  

Why Is Stump Grinding a Different Service? 

The reason why tree stump grinding is not included in a tree removal service is the fact that the roots of the tree could go several inches deep and it can be difficult to remove. That’s especially true for very large trees. It may take you all day to remove the stump alone. The best tree service providers, however, would remove stumps entirely as if there hasn’t been any tree that existed in that spot at all.  

The right way of removing stump is to grind everything that’s left on the ground all the way to the roots. This is important because the stump and the roots are the favorite breeding ground of pests. You certainly don’t want to invite pests into your garden as they will eventually invade your home.  

Why Do I Need Stump Grinding Services? 

Aside from the fact that stumps are the preferred habitat of pests, stumps can also propose a health hazard for the kids. Children playing in the garden may not nice that small stump somewhere and they trip over it. You want your garden to be child-proof.  

Also, stumps can get in the way of new home construction or renovation. If you’re planning to extend your property and there’s a tree in that area, it’s not enough that you just remove the tree. You also have to grind the stump to ensure the integrity of the new structure.  

The fine wood chips that resulted from the grinding the stump are also very beneficial to your garden. It can serve as a form of fertilizer that will keep the soil healthy. It’s best to evenly distribute the finely grinded wood all over your garden to give it some sort of compost. You’ll notice that your plants are healthier that way.  

How Do I Get Stump Grinding Services? 

If you need stump grinding services, simply call certified tree experts near you. They most likely provide this service along with the other ones that are related to trees. If you live in Cincinnati, there certainly are many professionals who can assist you.  

Be sure to hire certified Cincinnati stump grinding experts to help you maintain the beauty and health of your lawn or garden. These professionals have the tools, machines, and gear to provide you with fast, efficient, and safe stump grinding services. Call them up today.