Do you know where to begin with teaching commands to your dogs? While getting a professional dog trainer’s help may be helpful for you and your furry pal, there are several dog-training commands that you can actually teach your dog at the comfort of your home. Listed below are some of these commands you can use to train your dogs, which you’ll certainly enjoy.  



In terms of teaching a puppy, one of the most fundamental dog commands would be to train them to sit. Since this is easy, this can be a good command to start with. Once your dog knows the “sit” command it’ll be much easier and calmer to deal with compared to other dogs who aren’t taught this basic command. On top of that, this particular command can prep your pup for more challenging commands like “Come” and “Stay.” 


The word “come” is one of the essential commands that you should teach your dog. This command can be very helpful for those times you accidentally leave your front door open or lose grip on the leash. To reiterate, it’s easy to teach this command and will help prevent your dog from being in danger.  


The “stay” command can help your dog to be controlled a lot easier. This command can help any dog owner in several circumstances such as when you do not want to keep your dogs from overwhelming the visitors or during the times when you want your dog to stay out of your way whenever you work from home or do household chores.  

Before trying to teach this cue to your dog, ensure that your dog is already a pro when it comes to following the “sit” command. Otherwise, you still have to take time practicing it with him before you move on to the “stay” command.  

This is one of those self-control exercises for your dog. Hence, never be discouraged when it takes some time before your pet can master it, especially for high-energy dogs and puppies. After all, a lot of dogs would want to get moving instead of just waiting and sitting. 


Similar to the “stay” command, the “down” cue is among the hardest dog training commands to teach. This is basically because dogs tend to find a hard time mastering commands that needs them to be in a submissive posture. You can assist your dog by keeping training relaxed and positive, particularly when your dog feels anxious or fearful. Moreover, always remember to praise your dog as soon as he follows this command successfully. 

Leave it 

The last cue, which is “leave it,” can help your dog be protected and safe from harm whenever they get really curious, such as when your dog smells an intriguing smell but potentially hazardous on the ground. You should aim to teach your dog that he gets something even better for neglecting the item that they were curious about.  

Whenever training gets tough, never lose hope and start doing it again. Remember that repetition is key for dog training. But if you don’t have enough time to do it yourself, click here to book for a professional dog trainer near you today.